Monday, 17 September 2012


Mallamma our maid used to work in 3 -4 houses. One of them had a huge mango tree. The tree was so big that you cant see the house from the road.It gave the house shade and kept the house cool in summer .It produced a good crop of mango and hence the house of monkeys .Mallamma referred to the house as mango tree house. The lady of that house used to send us mangoes thro mallamma the raw ones and the ripe ones.This was 15 years neither mallamma is there nor the mango tree.The house has been rebuilt into a 5 storey apartment pathetically without any trees.they cut down the mango tree saying that it was an obstruction to the view.Instead of one huge mango tree which kept the house coolthey have 3 or 4 acs in each floor.What a pity!

Rewind Memories

Two years before we went to Mukthinath. We travelled between snow covered mountains in a flight .Divine it was. So divine that I felt the godliness in the serene and pure atmosphere. It was an unforgettable  experience. Immediately we went to Jammu. It was an official trip. In the spur of the moment we decided to go to Vaishno Devi .We got ticket for the onward journey only. Still we took the journey. The helicopter trip was a little scary and climbing by foot after that was difficult for me with my coccyx problem. But something pulled me and surprisingly I did it. Unexpected trip!
16th sept this year we went to Badrachalam. After having a quick darshan at the temple wewent to Pappi kondalu an island in Godavari river surrounded by mountains. It was a boat ride between green mountains. Same divine feeling I had. Serene pure and green. In between small villages with 10- 20 houses without electricity and roads.
But i felt the atmosphere was spoilt by the tourists  and the music they play. I was annoyed by the pollution made by the tourists.
On our return journey I felt we were wasting time .Instead I wanted to fly back to Badrachalam to have darshan of  Lord Rama once more.
But we had some surprise in the boat. Two young local boys were entertaining the tourists by acting as a dj and making children and others dance and sing. Suddenly they called us on the centre stage. I was little scared what he was going to do.They enquired abt us,then played a song in telugu how a marriage would be performed. Both the djs danced and perfomed our wedding again in the boat on river Godavari, saying that it was a special venue,a telugu wedding with talamvaralu and a pujari  and every one throwing akshadai on us. We  were thrilled  by the coincidence  after our 30th wedding anniversary.
We were reminded of our wedding day. Again one more memorable trip and moment in our life.

Monday, 9 January 2012

Patti and me

Lord Krishna says “I'm margazhi”. For some margazhi means music and dance festival. For some others it is big beautiful  kolam and hot pongal, for me it reminds me of my patti. My patti used to go to the perumal temple opposite our house, for the early morning aradhanai where all devotees recite thiruppavai together. I went with her not to recite thiruppavai but to get hot pongal. We were not given in paper cups or leaves. But  in our hands-a big ball size pongal. Patti taught me how to eat without touching the tongue or teeth. In the evening I accompanied her to the upanyasamof the same thiruppavai. That venue was little far away from our house. It was in the Ramar temple on the bank of a river. No carpets no chairs to sit just the sand – clean sand. She’d be listening to the upanyasam, I'd be playing in the sand with kids of my age. We’d return home after an hour and half.  I don’t know whether she escorted me or I escorted her. But it was fun. Today I’m going to the early morning aradhanai but not for pongal. And evening  upanyasam but not to play in the sand. Even today its fun in a different way. My patti sowed the seed in me without me realizing it. It has grown into a tree and I love it.