Monday, 9 January 2012

Patti and me

Lord Krishna says “I'm margazhi”. For some margazhi means music and dance festival. For some others it is big beautiful  kolam and hot pongal, for me it reminds me of my patti. My patti used to go to the perumal temple opposite our house, for the early morning aradhanai where all devotees recite thiruppavai together. I went with her not to recite thiruppavai but to get hot pongal. We were not given in paper cups or leaves. But  in our hands-a big ball size pongal. Patti taught me how to eat without touching the tongue or teeth. In the evening I accompanied her to the upanyasamof the same thiruppavai. That venue was little far away from our house. It was in the Ramar temple on the bank of a river. No carpets no chairs to sit just the sand – clean sand. She’d be listening to the upanyasam, I'd be playing in the sand with kids of my age. We’d return home after an hour and half.  I don’t know whether she escorted me or I escorted her. But it was fun. Today I’m going to the early morning aradhanai but not for pongal. And evening  upanyasam but not to play in the sand. Even today its fun in a different way. My patti sowed the seed in me without me realizing it. It has grown into a tree and I love it.


  1. Oh my God!

    That's the cutest Article. I love it. It is such a nice memory.

    Happy blogging!

  2. Welcome to the bloggers world ma!! hope to see you write much much more!!

  3. aww!! is this aunty? That is a lovely memory and i had goosebumps!! You should definitely write more!! Love,Aarathi.