Monday, 17 September 2012


Mallamma our maid used to work in 3 -4 houses. One of them had a huge mango tree. The tree was so big that you cant see the house from the road.It gave the house shade and kept the house cool in summer .It produced a good crop of mango and hence the house of monkeys .Mallamma referred to the house as mango tree house. The lady of that house used to send us mangoes thro mallamma the raw ones and the ripe ones.This was 15 years neither mallamma is there nor the mango tree.The house has been rebuilt into a 5 storey apartment pathetically without any trees.they cut down the mango tree saying that it was an obstruction to the view.Instead of one huge mango tree which kept the house coolthey have 3 or 4 acs in each floor.What a pity!


  1. What a beautiful contextual memory. Love to see you right amma. You must write more. :)